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  • Design and development for every part of the user experience on a screen by screen level. Ensuring delight at every step of the customer journey, SVIL developed critical features such as exact geotagging to pick up car coordinates, smooth payment flows, and backend process optimization to ensure fulfillment. Filld has gone on to raise more than $12m from Lightspeed, Javelin and other top VC firms.

  • Developing a fintech application for the millennial generation means something that grabs their attention and gamifies it. SVIL helped create informative content in logical step by step flows with a special thought towards marketing via digital channels focused on millennial user acquisition.

  • Design and growth strategy for a network of coworking spaces in hotels. Partnered with SVIL for creating marketing collateral to distribute among potential partnerships, business development to expand the long tail supply, and a backend architecture to facilitate booking reservations.

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