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"Some people build supercomputers. We build the superteams that power them.”

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Best Schools

Innovators are the top candidates across their fields with proven track records of execution and achievement. Leverage their experience to get your projects expertly delivered.

Innovators - Bests Schools

Top Companies

Innovators have led teams, built new business lines, and created the most cutting edge products. Bring the best of Silicon Valley's accumulated knowledge into your organization.

Rigorous Screening

All innovators part of our network are vetted through a strict criteria and must ace our tough battery of challenges, interviews, and screenings. You only work with the top minority that makes it.

Why Join The SVIL Innovator Network?

  • Top workers desire change. Get your pick of projects, industry, and people you want to work with. And use your expertise where it's helpful, not wasting it navigating corporate politics or dealing with freelancing overhead like sales, collecting payments etc.

  • Your choice of life. Live wherever you want, you work remotely. Spend your hours as you desire, you only need to get your task done. And no more bullshit meetings, long commutes, or high cost of living cities.

  • Leverage your superior talent to stand out, not drown on some online platform. Get your pick of the most interesting stuff you want to work on, not just what your boss decides.

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